Eadem mutata resurgo


I’m Janos Honkonen, a guy in my early 40’s from the Commie Reindeerland of Finland. I’ve been making my living in various jobs, including research in computational linguistics, wrestling rainbow trout out of hooks, producing a gaming program for Finnish TV, working in a psychogeriatric ward, sniffing acetone and grading the smell on a scale, being an IT  peon and a translator, scientific diving in marine biology, and doing over a decade of freelance journalism in the areas of technology, gaming, general interest topics, science and adult entertainment. I was also the publicist, costume props trainee and the behind the scenes material producer for Iron Sky, a sci-fi film about Nazis from the Dark Side of the Moon, and Mr. Fukov from Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. Currently I’m working in the games industry as a  script writer.

I used to lead quite an active life, but in December 2015 I broke my neck and contracted a slight case of quadriplegia, which put me in a wheelchair. It slowed me down somewhat, but I’m reclaiming my life one day at a time. My interests and hobbies throughout the years has included diving, urban exploration, writing (author of Kaiken yllä etana), sci-fi and fantasy, interactive fiction, biology, political activism in the fields of copyrights and gender & sexual minority rights, wall/rock climbing, caving, astronomy, geocaching, knife throwing, photography, playing theremin in Älymystö, Viihteen uusi aalto / The Advanced Entertainment Movement and the currently defunct Radiokatve, video games, and amassing new hobbies. In my blog you can find mostly photos of trips to nature, urban ruins, foreign countries and underwater plus random opinions, thoughts and observations about gaming, politics and other subjects.

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