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Comic – Torsobear: Yarns from Toyburg

Torsobear-Preview-CoverIn the fluffy noir world of Torsobear, not all toys play nice!

Welcome to the city of Toyburg, where the sweet streets are teeming with crime, passion, and murders most foul. They are walked (for the most part) by grim detectives, burned-out has-beens, femme fatales and tragic heroes.

The dismembered bodies of teddy bears are being found in back alleys of Mindy Mile district, and it’s up to our hero, rookie detective Ruxby Bear and his partner officer Hazbrow to solve this string of murders, no matter how high and far the clues take them.

Between cases, we take a look into the lives of Toyburg’s citizens, police and criminals. No matter where you turn, this city has something sinister hidden just behind the storybook surface.

Remember, it’s always fun until someone gets hurt…

Featuring the story The Big Wind-Up – script by Janos Honkonen, art by Saoirse Towler, letters by Mick Schubert.

The past isn’t like it used to be. In the early days of Toyburg the men were wood and tin, and the women were porcelain. Who cares if a few immigrant teddies get torn apart in the dark of the night. Enter young officer Hazbrow, fresh out of the block and sap behind his ears, who is going to learn a valuable life lesson about caring.

More information: torsobear.com

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