Band News: Album Date & Video Greeting

November 13, 2009 · Posted in Band Projects · Comment 

Our band Älymystö has been getting more and more active throughout the year. In the spring we managed to hone out the tracks for our new album titled 19:38:00, which finally got an official street date. The album, which is a split vinyl co-published with And Then You Die, will be released for digital distribution in Christmas Eve. The vinyl itself, a collector’s edition picture disc, will be published in 1st of April 2010. So, be sure to visit Spotify, iTunes Music Store or Nokia Music Store on 24th of December and listen what we’ve been up to.

We are going to promote the album with a short tour in the beginning of January. Looks like we’ll be visiting Helsinki, Tampere, Tallinn and Riga – more information incoming when everything’s been confirmed. And speaking of promotion, Skithund Records came up with the following mood piece / ad for the release:

We also had yet another Band Camp practice weekend and for the first time ever we didn’t go to Ilde’s home farm in middle of nowhere. Instead we were in a civilized urban area (or anyway in Tampere) in an official band practice space which Remo got on loan from some other band. Most of us spent the nights in our cabin that was half an hour away. There was saunaing, smoking some fish and good, deep sleep. Maybe it wasn’t that RAWK, but damn it was relaxing and refreshing. On the musical side the weekend was very very productive. We managed to get many of our new songs into a shape fit for public performance and genrally got our shit together after this longish gig hiatus.

I also shot a short video greeting as evidence that we are still alive. Enjoy!