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My Games

Here you can find my finished games, most of which are interactive fiction.

Rocket Man From The Sea – Interactive Fiction

On the old pilot station island, where you live with your parents, the war fought with Earth and Martian rocket-ships and Atomic Heat Rays exist only in the sonorous voice of the newscaster on the radio, and as food for your imagination. Today your parents have left you alone to mind the station while they head for the mainland for some supplies. A big job for a six year old, who is about to have an encounter that changes his life forever.

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Quantum Game Jam 2014 – The Rhythm of the Spheres

therhythmofthesphereslogoIn the beginning, there was the signal
In the signal there was a beat, a rhythm
Of unknown length, too quiet to hear
Unless stacked, amplified, ordered
Turning the cacophony into…
The Rhythm of the Spheres.

The Quantum Game Jam 2014 brought together game designers and quantum physicists for a weekend in Tuorla observatory to solve actual problems in quantum physics through games.

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