Eadem mutata resurgo

May 26, 2012
by Janos

Bad Characterization in The Scifi of Big Ideas – Who Gives A Crap, Really?

Charles Stross has turned out to be one of my favorite scifi writers from the last few years, and his rant about the scifi of big ideas made me like the dude even more. This is a thing that’s started to annoy me more and more lately – whinging about bad characters in books, where the main character is obviously The Idea or the setting.

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May 20, 2012
by Janos

Urban Exploration: Cold Storage Equipment Factory

In the end of May I started hunkering for an another urban exploration trip, since I haven’t been that active in that front since the previous summer. A quick peek in the net revealed that there’s an abandoned industrial location a short train trip away. The place was apparently pretty thoroughly vandalized and there were rumours of it being still guarded, but it was a nice day for photographing, so I grabbed my camera and headed out.

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