Making Movies – A Perfect Free Day

December 4, 2010 · Posted in Making Movies · 4 Comments 

I’ve been in Frankfurt for three weeks, and today I decided to have my second proper day off. The first one doesn’t really count, since it was a hangover day after the kick-off – that’s what you get when you don’t have even a single beer in a month and then go out with movie people. The second one turned out to be pretty perfect in a very enjoyable low-key way.

Technically we have Mondays and Tuesdays free, and we are not shooting, but I’ve opted to work through them, because it just makes things easier for me and other people who depend on what I do. Make no mistake, making movies is hard work, even for us who aren’t directly involved in the production. Case in point, yesterday I got up at nine, did some office work ’till late afternoon, then dashed between the set and the office ’till 1:30 in the night, when we wrapped up the day. After I got to my room, I noticed that our whole website was down, of course right when io9 had linked to us. So me and Jarmo spent a good chunk of time trying to kick the Apache and httpd up on a virtual server, where we apparently don’t have high enough access.

Skyscrapers in downtown Frankfurt

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Making Movies – Shooting Iron Sky in Frankfurt

November 28, 2010 · Posted in Making Movies · 6 Comments 

“If your life for the last year or so has felt like you are a character in a William Gibson novel, you have done something right with your life.”

That’s what I was thinking when I boarded the plane to Frankfurt in early November. I was loaded up with cameras and gadgets, and on my way to document the making of a multi million euro sci-fi movie Iron Sky, and to kick up as much dust in the media and internet about it as possible. I spent my flight reading Zero History from my brand new Kindle, and background processing my plans for the next month.

So, Iron Sky has started filming. It will take about four weeks in Germany, after that there’s a short pause, and then six weeks in Warner Roadshow Studios in Gold Coast, Australia. My job on the location is to be the publicist and the  “making of” producer, which essentially means that I go everywhere with my video camera documenting what happens and interviewing the cast and crew, and at the same time handle the press contacts, interviews, events and all that.

On a rooftop in Frankfurt, casing out a shoot location.

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Iron Sky in Australia – Working Down Under

June 30, 2010 · Posted in Making Movies · 2 Comments 

“So, we are filming half of Iron Sky in Australia.”
“Oh, it’s confirmed then?”
“Yeah. A bunch of us are going to Australia in two weeks.”
“Will I be going?”
“Yes. You’ll be in Australia for two weeks with us.”
“Oh. Cool!”

…and that is part of why I like my current job as the publicist and making of guy of Iron Sky. During our trip to Cannes Film Festival this year we confirmed our deal with an Australian production company called New Holland Pictures, and in the beginning of June we took a trip to the other side of the planet to handle big bunch of practical matters. They included a ton of budget talk, checking out some studios and shooting locations, doing some casting, meeting special effects and stunts experts, and of course contacting our fans.

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