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November 16, 2008 · Posted in Diving, Gaming 

Long time, no update – mainly because of life being busy and me being lazy. I’ve poured a lot of my time for work and overtime, but also wading through the flood of excellent games that have come out this autumn. I’ve managed to cram in Fable 2, Fallout 3, Mirror’s Edge, Gears of War 2, LittleBigPlanet and Dead Space. I also finally finished the last Phoenix Wright game which I’ve been playing from since the spring.

Two years of playing the Ace Attorney -games on practically every lunch hour – now the life feels empty. Well, there’s Hotel Dusk: Room 215 to wade through now. DS has become an adventure gaming platform for me, it seems. If you have recommendations for good adventures on DS, please drop a line in the comments.

On the diving front the autumn has been disappointing. Either there has been a storm which has kept the diving boat at bay, or Susi, I or both of us have had the flu. The only diving thing we’ve managed to do was an intro dive for Susi’s sister and her boyfriend. Originally my step-brother would have attended too, but it was his time to get the flu. Clogged nose and diving doesn’t really mix, unless you want a ruptured eardrum and a mask half full of blood.

First time under water.

First breaths under water.

Finding balance.

Finding balance.

Into the deep end.

Into the deep end.

Me. Not shown: a buyou Jukka attached to my ass and the ginormous booger that filled half of my mask.

Me. Not shown: a buoy Jukka attached to my ass and the ginormous booger that filled half of my mask.

J-Sep - too cool for this pool!

J-Sep - too cool for this pool!

Jukka made a funny.

Jukka made a funny.

I also managed to finish a diving video from our summer trip to M/S Coolaroo – enjoy:

This weekend Susi, Jori and I went to Imatra to meet my old pal Juha. He works in the border guard and is intent on collecting boys and firearms. The theme of the weekend was eating ourselves silly, shooting with Juha’s guns, saunaing, chatting and so on. Here’s some photographic evidence of us playing with guns.

Jori was dressed in full combat gear, including a bullet proof vest with extra plating. There was no actual reason to do this.

Surprisingly enough, none of us got a black and blue bicep from the shotgun.

We used balloons as targets. Festive!

Fun was had by all, although the night’s sleep was a bit short on my part, on account of staying up to chat with Juha ’till six in the morning or so and being woken up by the boys.

This evening – bath, a good book and bed. Here’s hoping for 12 hours of sleep.



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