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Älymystö – new web page, free goodies!

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Just a short note – our band Älymystö has a new web page. It was far more than just a simple facelift, since there’s a on of material that has previously been scattered around the net or on their way to oblivion as old computer hard drives gave up the magic smoke.

So, here’s some of the stuff you can find – more info in the official release notes:

  • Downloadable songs and the Atomgrad-album as a torrent. We firmly believe in the “try before you buy” philosophy of music sales. So download the songs, listen to them and if you want to compensate us for our efforts, head over to the shop.
  • Our first music video!
  • Lyrics, up on the net for the first time.
  • A shitload of photos from our adventures.
  • A band bio with information about us merry gentlemen.
Ok, ok – here’s the video embedded. Sorry for the errors in the grammar, it was too late to fix them.


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