UE Easter: Railroad tunnel, rescue personnel training ground and abandoned villas

April 12, 2009 · Posted in Urban Exploration 

My plan was to check out an abandoned medical center, but I couldn’t figure out how to get in. Instead I went driving around looking for targets.

I checked out a railroad tunnel near where I used to live, a training ground for rescue personnel and an abandoned lot, before going to see one of the better known UE spots of Helsinki.

Kruunuvuori is a rocky hillside next to the sea. In the beginning of 1900’s several villas were built there for the rich elite. During and after the world wars the villas had several owners, until they were left vacant and abandoned. The area is really beautiful and it’s a wonder no-one has built anything in there.

This trip took place in Easter Sunday, the nature was still mostly dead after the winter and the sky was cloudy. The atmosphere in Kruunuvuori was something special – all those abandoned buildings, which you could almost see as they used to be, if you squinted just right…

(From the photoset in Flickr)




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