Science You Can Eat, pt. 1

May 8, 2009 · Posted in Botany & Gardening, Science! 

So, home hydroponics – I finally got around to starting it. I tend to collect hobbies, most of which cater only to one of the areas I’m interested in, like tinkering, I’m a science geek in many fronts, I like nature and so on – but there’s usually not much synergy in between these interests.

Well, I’ve always liked to build stuff, I like biology, I’m interested in plants and plant physiology and well, so growing plants as a part of a completely artificial system which you can build yourself is smack in the middle of several of my interests. Moreover, if you grow chili, tomatoes and so on, in the end you can eat the results of all that effort!

I started hydroponics with an off-the-shelf system, but I have plans to build a bigger ebb and flow system of my own.

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Science You Can Eat, pt. 1



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