Photo update: ‘Shroom Trip

September 4, 2011 · Posted in Cabin & countryside, Life 

This Sunday I got some badly needed wilderness therapy when Susi, Jere, I and Jere’s pal Maria went to pick some mushrooms in the forests northwest of Espoo. I had prepared myself mentally to just getting a few good photos, but after a few hours in the sunny autumn forest we walked back to the car with bags full of black and ordinary chanterelles, boletes and other assorted mushrooms. The last couple weeks have been quite taxing, and a trip like this was just what the doctor ordered.


Back home I turned our catch into a ridiculously tasty black chanterelle / bacon / onion / stone pine seed pasta, and currently I have two overflowing baking pans of black chanterelles drying out in the oven.

Here’s a couple of photos, and you can find more in my Flickr account.


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  1. chris on September 5th, 2011 14:51

    great fungi shots … I’ve also been attracted to these guys in the past … no idea what the were but love the colours and textures of them.

    Its a nice time in Finland

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