Eadem mutata resurgo


Not all days were beautiful. On our moving day to Ulkokrunni island the wind was 10-12 meters per second and spray of Maia was higher than the boat. We had to lash our boats together and fasten them to a buoy on the open sea. I think that was the biggest trip out of my comfor zone this summer. I was on the bow, alternatively looking down at the boat from the height of 1,5 meters, at times the other boat was hulking over me, the whole deal feeling like pushing your arm into a guillotine. For five seconds I was paralyzed, thinking I can’t do it – then I went into a “daaaaaayum this is cool” mode. The bonus fun was provided by lifting our compressor from one boat to the other. (Photo: Metsähallitus / Janos Honkonen)


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