Eadem mutata resurgo



August 30: “Fuuuuck, so close yet so far. My epic quest to reach seaside was foiled again. I’m living in an island, but finding seashore that’s not behind some epic hill and which isn’t private property is mission impossible. Today I tackled a forest path that leaves next to my house. I couldn’t get on the path without first going uphill, building up considerable amount of speed, doing a 90 degree turn, aiming at the embankment and hoping for the best. To my surprise I didn’t end up in a ditch spitting out my 1300€ dental work but got on the path, which – tadah! – bypassed one epic hill and went towards the sea! My enthusiasm grew, I rolled down a gravel hill I probably can’t get back up, the sea so close I could smell it… And ended up in a parking lot where I could see just a boat ramp and some reeds. There was kind of a narrow earthen quay jutting out to the sea, almost blocked by an inconsiderately parked car. I almost gave up, but got too annoyed and maneuvered around the car, getting over a small stretch of a wooden wharf and on to these paving stones, which left a margin a handspan wide to either side of my wheelchair wheels. No worries, there seemed to be room to turn in the end of the quay. …except thanks to a trick of perspective I didn’t realize the stone path got narrower than my wheelchair midway, leaving me no option but to back up. Did I mention the #strickerhandbike front wheel keeps locking up when I go backwards? Long, long, LONG stretch of backing up using the rims short, I didn’t keel over and end up in the sea under my wheelchair, and I’m back on dry land. Fuck it, I’ll find a shore here if that’s the last thing I do. Now, to get up that steep gravel hill… “


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