Eadem mutata resurgo



January 21: Today I’m physically the most tired I’ve been here. A lot of exercise that made me sweat more than a good session at a bouldering cave or the gym, right from when I woke up to the lunch at noon. So, what was this super sports? I got up, went to the toilet, got back to the bed and put my pants and T-shirt on, and got into my wheelchair, followed by pretty light physiotherapy since I was too tired.

When healthy, I’ve had days when a morning poop and getting bepantsed has given me sweats and palpitations, but no partying was involved now – instead I tried doing everything myself, assisted and observed. I couldn’t even get the pants on until the occupational therapist helped them up halfway. When I go to the toilet and the shower, I sit on a shower chair, which is basically a tall chair with little wheels and a hole for your ass. I’ve practiced getting on my wheelchair for a couple of days and I can hack it pretty well, but the shower chair is an another beast altogether. Mostly because you get on it with minimal pantswear. Going from a bed to a chair is done with a curved piece of plastic called, in Finnish, a gliding board – pictured on top of my chair (I hate those shoes, they snag on everything, including each other). The thing is, bare buttocks stick to it. Gliding is minimal, the squeak of arse flesh fills the air. With semi functioning hands and barely functioning left leg and a fucking freeloading right leg It is DAMN strenuous.

So, the new normal: IF I manage a morning poop and putting on pants and a T-shirt, it’ll take at least two hours and I’d rather rest an hour afterward.


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