Eadem mutata resurgo



January 15: Okay, another photo – this is the thing I practice standing up with nowadays. It has knee rest and a motorized belt thing behind your butt. The belt hoists you about upright and then it’s your job to straighten your legs and your posture.

From the point of view of Pavlovian learning this thing is horrible. The reward for standing up is nausea, sweating and dizziness, a headache away from the worst hangover ever. When you sit down, it all goes away.

I manage standing up, leaning on the table more or less, for a few seconds at a time, before I slump against the knee pads and the butt belt. A few of these and I’ll have to put my head on the table for a bit to feel better, a few more and I’ll have to sit down a bit.

More repetitions and longer times standing everyday.


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