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May 17, 2012 · Posted in Art & Entertainment, Music 

Music is like amber that traps moments, moods and events. What are the songs that do this to you? Go to the comments, link a song and write a short piece about where does it transport you.

I’ll start off with this: Fever Ray: Concrete Walls.

Fever Ray – Concrete Walls

I live between concrete walls
when I took her up she was so warm
I live between concrete walls
in my arms she was so warm

It’s January 2010. I’ve had a weird few weeks, which have taken me from diving in the Red Sea through playing a gig in an illegal underground club in Latvia to Germany, where we are doing recce with the Iron Sky movie crew. We’ve spent a couple of days stacked into a small van. It’s the middle of winter, there’s snow and sleet everywhere and we are basically driving from one weird location to another, snapping photos and taking video.

It’s Saturday or Sunday morning, I forget which. We are back in the van, everybody’s tired and quiet, just staring through the windows as we drift through the industrial areas and into the downtown with all the skyscrapers. Outside the sun is just rising and the snow covered streets are almost empty apart from few huddled people, breathing out silvery clouds of vapour. Slowly the city starts to stir back to life around us.

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