The Interesting Indie Sci-fi Flicks That Restored My Hope for Sci-Fi Films as a Whole

February 15, 2014 · Posted in Art & Entertainment, Movies & TV · 31 Comments 

Science fiction can, and should, be about reimagining social possibilities, not just blowing shit up in space; however, if you can reimagine social possibilities while blowing shit up in space, I am all for that. – lol my thesis

The Cosmonaut

Early in the millennium I started giving up on big budget sci-fi films, only watching them later on DVD and being almost always disappointed. I’m one of those elitist bastards who think that good sci-fi is fiction of ideas, be them scientific, social or otherwise. If I read, watch or otherwise consume sci-fi and after that I feel only entertained, I feel something is missing. That has been almost exclusively the case with the big budget sci-fi, which have been mostly just CGI-destruction orgies or what-a-twist gimmicks. Pretty, but frankly, rather vapid.

In 2013 I got back on the horse and started watching more films in general. I started catching up with what the indie sci-fi scene has to offer – and I was blown away. There is currently an awesome selection of quality indie sci-fi out there that blows the big budget stuff out of the water with the strength of their story and ideas.

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A Question for Those Who Think Ender’s Game Film Boycott Is Off-Target

July 10, 2013 · Posted in Activism, Art & Entertainment, Equality, Movies & TV · 2 Comments 

Right now Orson Scott Card and his projects are the only pieces of art and entertainment which I feel the need to boycott – there are other artists out there I disagree with, but mostly their work is not on my radar either. I’m not going to give my money to Ender’s Game, and neither are a bunch of others. Why punish the filmmakers?


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The Cosmonaut – Beautiful Evocative Art Sci-Fi For And From The Internet Generation

May 16, 2013 · Posted in Art & Entertainment, Movies & TV · 6 Comments 

Yesterday I finally saw The Cosmonaut, a crowd sourced and crowdfunded sci-fi film from Spain, and I was simply blown away. Beautiful, evocative, thought provoking and bold – that’s how I like my sci-fi.

The Cosmonaut poster

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