Eadem mutata resurgo

August 17, 2012
by Janos
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Wizzywig – A Beautiful Story of Hacker Lore In The Comic Form

Today I was listening to the most expensive podcast out there, Gweek, and one of their guests was the comic artist Ed Piskor. They mentioned his first solo project, Wizzywig, which sounded like an interesting rehash of ye old phone phreak and hacker lore, packed up into a rather sad and beautiful story. This piqued my interest, and what makes Gweek so expensive for me was that I did what I usually do in these cases: thumbed a search on my phone, realized the comic is available on comiXology, and bought it there and then. After the day’s hijinx I dropped into my current favourite watering hole just to read a couple of pages, but ended up drifting back home after one beer so I could concentrate better, and finishing the whole album on one sitting. Wow.

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