Wreck Diving in Åland, Part II

August 13, 2010 · Posted in Diving · 2 Comments 

Susi and I decided to end our Awesome July of 2010 by going to Åland to dive some wrecks, like we did last year. This time we were accompanied again by Gunnar, Christina, Jukka and Hakkis, but also Jori and Ville who are of a slightly fresher batch of divers.

On our way to Åland we heard that the weather wasn’t quite as great as it was the last time, and the wind went up to 10 m/s on the sea, which is quite a lot. On the way to Åland the ferry got hit by quite an impressive thunderstorm, which didn’t bode that well.

(More photos in the Flickr photoset!)


On our way to Åland, we ran into a pretty massive thunderstorm with some impressive cloud formations.

In the end the wind was too heavy to go to the open sea, so this time around we didn’t get to see Belliver or Gävle. We stayed two days in Plus, which is the “home wreck” of the dive operator. It’s a nice three mast sailing ship that sunk very close to the shoreline, and which is shielded from the worst of the winds. Nevertheless the going was a bit rocky both over the surface and under water.

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