Giving Up on MMORPGs – The World of Warcraft Experiment

October 30, 2010 · Posted in Gaming · 7 Comments 

In the end of the summer I made a deal with the devil, or at least with my fiancé: she would get more active in the social media, and I would get into World of Warcraft and come raid with her and our online pals for half a year. For me this was a win-win proposition, since if everything went well, we both would get a new great digital playground, and also a nice common hobby. The latter would be a great way to spend time together online, especially since I tend to travel a lot because of my work. Also, I’ve been wanting to find another community online where to belong to, something different from irc-channels or net forums: a virtual world.

So, I started from level 1 and started the climb to level 80, mostly alone but sometimes with friends, and decided to fit at least two evenings per week of gaming.

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Exploring Kalasatama & Trying Out Xbox Kinect

October 2, 2010 · Posted in Gaming, Tech & Gadgetry, Urban Exploration · 1 Comment 

When I’m feeling stressed out, annoyed, insomniac and generally not centered or not like myself, there are a few activities that really help: a weekend at the cabin, an urban exploration / geocaching trip and diving. After a good afternoon or a weekend of those, coming back home feels like I’d been away for a week.

I’ve had a couple of weeks that have been kind of paradoxical: I’ve been both happy but at the same time massively annoyed. This has lead to stuff like spending insomniac nights watching Chernobyl documentaries, since I can’t seem to get my head out of that place (in a good way). Last weekend I managed to dent the bad vibes by a surprisingly interesting urban exploration trip.

(Want to see more photos? Check out the Flickr Photoset here)

Exploring Kalasatama

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