alymysto-logoÄlymystö (Intelligentsia) was formed in the winter of 2002, when messrs. Haapanen and Vuorensola first had a vision of dark industrial music unlimited by genres. They wound up in a small studio located in a suburb of Helsinki – in the basement of a yardshed.

The band’s first internet releases garnered interest, but Älymystö did not really become a part of Finland’s underground scene before exiting the studio and taking the stage. Over the next years Älymystö released a few EP’s worth of new material and toured in Finland, Russia and in the Baltic countries.

In 2004 the band published their first EP, “Ontto seurakunta”, followed by their first full length album, Atomgrad, which was released in late 2005. In 2009 the split EP with And Then You Die, “19:38:00″, was released by Skithund Records / Kinkt Records. The latest release is a full-length compilation album “Unsealed (2002-2013)”, released by Ideal Sound in autumn 2013.

Around 2003-2007 the band also managed their club, Vainohulluus, which brought a number of important industrial acts to Finland, including Scorn, Rosewater, Deutch Nepal, Noises of Russia and In Slaughter Natives, in addition to promoting some of the country’s finest industrial and avantgarde bands.

Currently the band is preparing their 2nd full length album, codenamed “Magnum Opus”.

Check it out & listen: www.alymysto.com

Facebook: facebook.com/alymysto/

Twitter: @alymysto

Viihteen uusi aalto

viihteenuusiaalto-logoThe Advanced Entertainment Movement is on the one-year excursion to produce 12 excellent albums of fully improvised and live-recorded eschatological soundscapes which render other music obsolete.

Blog postViihteen Uusi Aalto / The Advanced Entertainment Movement – Music For Your Eschatological Needs


radiokatve-logoAn analog splinter cell of Älymystö, currently defunct.

Check it out & listenmyspace.com/radiokatve

Enochian Crescent (guest)

Playing guest theremin on Enochian Crescen’t album NEF.VI.LIM, on the track Muisto sorkasta.

Check it outwww.metal-archives.com/albums/view/id/269835

Blog postOn Stage with Enochian Crescent @ Tuska 2009


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