Three Ideas for the Game Industry: “Medal of Honor of Duty: Refugee Camp”, “Requiem for a Reindeerspotting”, “The Heist”

September 11, 2010 · Posted in Gaming · 5 Comments 

I just finished Singularity a couple of days ago, and although it was an entertaining enough shooter in a mindless way, it ended up leaving me more or less pissed off. Why? Well, here we have this idea of the Cold War era Soviet Union coming up with time travel and the player being dropped in middle of that, having to traipse back and forth in time and to manipulate the temporal states of object around him. So, how did they use this idea?

There’s a research base, and there’s an explosion, and all the people have turned into mutants and monsters, and then there’s a bad guy with a facial scar and a glass eye. And then you shoot the mutants. Oh, and you have a gravity gun, never say a word and have an inexplicable plucky female sidekick with all the personality surgically removed.

Fucking seriously? Was that the most interesting way to use that idea? Okay, the game does a couple of nifty scenes with the time travel and the ending is surprisingly interesting, but nevertheless, those were just stick on decals on a really fucking used car.

First, a little bit of bitching, but if you want to get to the ideas, skip to the end.

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