The Rhythm of the Spheres


The Quantum Game Jam 2014 brought together game designers and quantum physicists for a weekend in Tuorla observatory to solve actual problems in quantum physics through games. There were three themes, from which we picked up Deja-vu, where the aim was to use human pattern recognition to find repeating patterns in numerical data. This is useful in operations like factoring primes (and cracking RSA-1024). My design goal was to create a music game, where these repeating sequences would be heard as a melody emerging from cacophony. The string of spheres correspond to the string of numbers, which each number having a distinct note.

During the constraints of of the game jam, we managed to implement most of the gameplay, with two important omissions: 1) spheres in wrong positions should make a discordant sound, 2) the player should be able to guess the length of the sequence, so it could be reverted for matching.

Play online

Download the source (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported)

  • Janos Honkonen – Design
  • Ilkka Tauriainen – Graphics
  • Sampo Savolainen – Additional design & prototyping
  • Juho Kaasalainen – Programming
  • Panu Akrenius – Sound & music
  • Elsi-Mari Laine – Physics

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