Slices of Life: Two Backpacks and a Trolley Case

June 21, 2015 · Posted in Life, Slices of Life · Comment 

I watched her car drive down the street and turn out of sight, then tugged my trolley bag and went to search the correct entrance to my accommodation for the night. It was one of those houses where one of the entrances was illogically on a crossing street, which took a while to figure out. I did very little but dump my luggage in and exchange a few words with my hosts before heading back out.


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Slices of Life: A Wandering Wallet

April 22, 2015 · Posted in Life, Slices of Life · Comment 

“What does this tattoo mean?” the guy shouted over the hammering music and touched my forearm. I flinched and looked up – and right then another guy charged at me from my right, through the darkness and a thick wall of paraffin smoke. He grabbed at the ledge of the skate ramp we were sitting on and clambered up. I relaxed, just someone else looking for a quiet place to sit down. We were holed up in a small alcove above the skate ramp to drink the beers we had smuggled in past the doormen. It was dark apart from one led light lancing the paraffin smoke. The alcove was behind one of the screens of the techno party, a little haven away from the dancers and the lights.


Photo: Heli Hintikka


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