Radiokatve Jam Session

August 19, 2008 · Posted in Band Projects 

Our band projects Älymystö and Radiokatve have been leading a rather quiet time for the last year or so, for various reasons. With Älymystö we are still working on the new release, but for Radiokatve Ripa and I have been too busy. We would have had a gig last spring, but I happened to get a nasty goddamn ear infection from diving. Playing on a noise gig with an ear that’s too painful to even touch, nooot a fetching idea.

Today we finally managed to kick together a jam session in Ripa’s place. Ripa had replaced the handheld radio with a bigger one and he had rigged a metal bowl on a stand, which made nice and haunting noises when played with a violin bow.

Well, playing takes practice – news at eleven. What I got out of the theremin sounded godawful at first. We played for or five pieces, which we also recorded. The last two started sounding bearable. I managed to find singing birds from the theremin for one of them and cavey windy sounds for the latter. Who knows, maybe we’ll manage to come up with some kind of an EP or something before the end of the year.

Ripa's musical bowl.

Ripa's musical bowl.



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