The First Shootings of the Autumn Season

August 22, 2008 · Posted in Journalism & TV 

The gaming program I’m producing starts its autumn season in a week, again with some changes to the format. The thing that impacts us the most is probably the fact that we’ll be filming the announcements outdoors, not in our stuffy and hot studio in front of a green screen anymore. I was a little bit nervous about the whole deal, since obviously the great room with a blue ceiling is not a controllable environment, unlike a studio. Our original plan was to film stuff in a gaming store, but it was a beautiful day outside, so we went to Kaisaniemenpuisto park.


The whole work-day ended up being quite fun. I have finally received majority of the materials I need for the beginning of the season and on Friday morning I managed to write most of the first episode. Filming the announcements was fun and although it was a bit more complicated than having Kristiina do the lines in front of a green screen, we all enjoyed it.

After the filming Susi and I went to grab burgers and then headed off to Jori’s and Riikka’s wedding place to check where it is and to help them out a bit, then to Kalle’s house to give our opinions about the bachelor and bachelorette party videos he had edited.

At home I took it easy, playing Civilization: Revolution and taking it easy after a stressing week. On Saturday Jori’s and Riikka’s wedding, on Sunday probably hangover pizza, more gaming and Shield, plus maybe, just maybe some urban exploration in the evening, if I’m feeling energetic enough.



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