A New Direction With The Blog

April 29, 2009 · Posted in Uncategorized 

This morning I did a photo heavy update for the blog and decided to take this into a bit of a new direction. There haven’t been updates in the last two months, although there have certainly been update worthy events, such as a trip to Egypt or an ice diving course. I’ll just have to bite the bullet and admit that I don’t have the resources to write such a long tome level entries I’ve used to in the past. Moreover, nowadays the content I produce seems to be all over the net, starting from Flickr and YouTube and ending in Facebook, Twitter and so on.

So, from now on I’ll use this blog as a place to collect some of that stuff into a some kind of a coherent whole. In stead of blogging separately about UE trips, I’ll link the photo albums here and let the photo captions tell the story, so I don’t end up writing the same things twice.

So, let’s kick this off with the following update medley – enjoy!

UE Easter: Railroad tunnel, rescue personnel training ground and abandoned villas

Urban Exploration: Abandoned heavy machinery repair shop

Ice Diving Course – Photos & Video

Photos: Red Sea Diving Trip / February 2009



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