Urban Exploration: An Abandoned Paper Mill

May 25, 2009 · Posted in Urban Exploration 

The target of this UE Sunday was and old paper mill that was abandoned in 2006. The mill had been operational for almost 110 years, from 1897 to 2006.

On the way the weather was beautiful – the sky was full of enormous cumulus clouds, everything was fresh and green. I stopped on the way to buy some smoked salmon and ham from a small roadside shop. When speeding on the sunny highway, blasting Soul Captain Band and Skream I had this nice feeling that all is good in the world.

When I arrived to the site, there was a distant rumble of thunder and half of the sky was sunny, half of it covered with clouds. If I had arrived an hour or so earlier, I would have probably caught the place in a very beautiful light, but now the cloudy weather won.

It’s always nice to get reminders that you aren’t physically in as sucky shape as you think. Good to know that in spite of the 15 kg extra I lug around as fat, a 2,5 meter high fence is not that big an obstacle.

UPDATE: I just got a very nice and friendly call from the people responsible for the area, who asked me to pull down the photos. A shame, but what can you do. They might pop back up later, but it remains to be seen.

UPDATE 2: Now that the building is torn down, I made the decision to put the pictures back up – see the full photoset here.



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