Company Sailing Trip

May 26, 2009 · Posted in Adventure!, Work 

Our company’s spring picnic was a bit different this year. Quite often generic company fun days seem to be just about going to a restaurant to grab a steak and two to twelve beers, but this time we went for a few hour sailing trip on the sea in front of Helsinki.

I wasn’t feeling too well during the day and couldn’t tell if it was allergy or an incoming flu. Late in the afternoon I was feeling so shitty I was ready to skip the whole thing and started off for home. Getting out of the hot and stuffy work room into fresh and cool air and grabbing some medication made me feel well enough to grab a cab and arrive at the pier in the last moment before the boat left.

Before this I’ve been on and piloted only small and mid-size motored boats and a catamaran, so it was my first time on a sailing boat. Getting into a good wind where the boat tilted enough for one side to be pretty much on level with the waves was really fun. Everybody had a chance to try their hand in piloting the boat, but I had started to feel too feverish and achy to trust myself on the helm, so I settled on watching the beautiful seascape and wondering, if we were going past any familiar diving sites.

More pictures in Flickr, once again.






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