Girls in Corsets, Guys in Gas Masks

June 12, 2009 · Posted in Band Projects 

Our band Älymystö has been rather quiet in the live gig front for over a year now. We’ve been doing the new album, having a major case of the second album block. Additionally everybody has had plenty of weird and new shit to deal outside of the band life, but what’s new.

We put an end to our gig hiatus on 28th of May, when we went to play in a club called Kuudes Linja, which many people consider to be the best gig club in Helsinki nowadays. This time we weren’t accompanied by the usual complement of other underground bands and DJs, but instead we shared the stage with a burlesque group called Burlesque Polaire. We also played with our full line-up, which meant that in addition to the old crew we had Lin with her cello and Mr. Eskola on the bass.

I personally had been in mid-to-high nasty flu with high fever for most of the week, but having pumped myself full of medication I didn’t have any trouble enjoying myself on the stage. Doing the gig was a real blast, especially so when the staff in the club was very friendly, the gig went well and there were plenty of people in the audience. The gig made me remember how much I had missed playing on the stage and how much I enjoy it.

Mr. Kerhohuone of Tytär was stalking the front of the stage with his video camera, which he had hidden all over the stage. So maybe – just maybe – in the future we’ll see another live video from us.

In any case, here be photos. Enjoy.

First, some photos of our practice session a week before the gig (see the full Flickr gallery)


…and here’s the gig (see the full Flickr gallery). Unfortunately we don’t yet have a permission to publish the Burlesque Polaire photos.





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