Geonewts, Particle Accelerators and Boat Squats

August 16, 2009 · Posted in Geocaching 

Last week I spent two more or less beautiful summer evenings looking for geocaches and just enjoying cycling around the Helsinki area. It was nice to notice the five hours straight cycling on both streets and off road, climbing trees and clambering up cliffsides didn’t make me terribly tired in the end. Apparently the plan of “exercise by accident by diving and caching” is starting to work.

I took a bunch of photos, which can be found in my Flickr gallery, but here’s a couple of examples.

On the first day I went looking for a geocache next to a particle accelerator lab in a thunderstorm. Yeah, no superpowers and not even a small tear in the fabric of time and space – what a disappointment. My plan of getting superpowers by hanging around particle accelerator seems not to work. This is the second time I tried something like this. The first time was me getting a splinter of wood in my finger in the radioactive material storage room of another particle accelerator.

The photos is taken with iPhone camera, which tries to process the photos somehow on the fly. If you move the camera while taking the pics, funky results ensue. When I SMS’d my pals about what I was doing Ville asked me for photos of the last moments in this reality. This is what he got.


Didn’t find the cache. Found a newt instead.


The next day, which was sunny. The Kulosaari church area is ridiculously beautiful, especially on a clear weather like that.


The weird houseboat I found last year.


A detail on the wharf.

(The full Flickr photoset)



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