The Awesome Year of 2010

December 30, 2010 · Posted in Caving, Diving, Life, Making Movies, Urban Exploration · Comment 

I once heard someone say that when you are 35, you should be on the high point of your life, professionally and otherwise. I don’t put much weight on comments like that, but then again, looking back at this year I have to say that it has probably been the most interesting and activity filled in my whole life. There have been very interesting work trips, even more interesting holiday adventures, after a ten year pause I’ve written some fiction and got it published, and so on. It has also been a year of extremes in many ways, not so much good without something bad.

“Adventure!” “Meh…” (photo by Ville Päivätie)

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Caving in Wales: Ogof Ffynnon Ddu – The Cave of the Black Spring

July 8, 2010 · Posted in Caving · 3 Comments 

The two weeks after our Australian trip it was mostly hot as hell in Finland, and I was busy with getting everything back on track. I generally like hot weather as long as I can escape it, but unfortunately our crappy apartment is freezing in the winter and hot and stuffy as hell in the summer, so I’m not looking forward to summer days in the city. I didn’t have that much time to wind down, apart from the midsummer festival Juhannus which we spent in our cabin with pals, mostly eating, saunaing, drinking, playing board games and sleeping far too late.


After that there was too days of catching up with work and equipment shopping, until it was the time for Susi and I to leave our first caving trip ever. Miri has been hinting that I should try it for some time now, and caving has started to sound more and more interesting. As it happened, Miri’s and our schedules didn’t match, but when Dare asked us to come to Wales to check some caves, against all odds there was an empty weekend I could free from the calendar.

(Check out the big photoset of the trip on Flickr!)


The South Wales Caving Club headquarters, where we stayed for the weekend.

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