Making Movies – Shooting Iron Sky in Frankfurt

November 28, 2010 · Posted in Making Movies · 6 Comments 

“If your life for the last year or so has felt like you are a character in a William Gibson novel, you have done something right with your life.”

That’s what I was thinking when I boarded the plane to Frankfurt in early November. I was loaded up with cameras and gadgets, and on my way to document the making of a multi million euro sci-fi movie Iron Sky, and to kick up as much dust in the media and internet about it as possible. I spent my flight reading Zero History from my brand new Kindle, and background processing my plans for the next month.

So, Iron Sky has started filming. It will take about four weeks in Germany, after that there’s a short pause, and then six weeks in Warner Roadshow Studios in Gold Coast, Australia. My job on the location is to be the publicist and the  “making of” producer, which essentially means that I go everywhere with my video camera documenting what happens and interviewing the cast and crew, and at the same time handle the press contacts, interviews, events and all that.

On a rooftop in Frankfurt, casing out a shoot location.

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